Life and Blog Update: Where the Hell Did I Go?

I started this blog with the intention of helping others to become fit and healthy, and to offer advice and encouragement through my posts. My two passions in life are writing and healthy living, so blogging is the perfect way to combine the two.

However, over the course of the year, I started to care about the numbers – how many views each post received, how many people were following me on Twitter and BlogLovin', how many companies wanted to work with me and how many times a week I uploaded. I wanted to post every two days and felt guilty when I didn't manage to, even though it was never going to be possible in the long term with my job and other commitments. My priorities for the blog seemed to shift from helping people to chasing 'likes'. I probably spent more time promoting my blog than writing content for it.

Eventually it got a bit too much and I became disillusioned with my blog and decided to take some time away from it. And guess what? The world didn't end when I didn't post for a while! I am sorry to anyone who may have missed my posts and tweets (did anyone?) but during these past few months I've really taken a step back and had a good hard look at my life in general, and managed to work out what my priorities are. I've been pretty ruthless in removing things that didn't add any value to my life so I have more time and energy to spend on the things and people who do. I'm now the happiest I've been in a long time and feel I can return to blogging with a renewed motivation.

I really do love blogging and don't want to give it up permanently. So here's the plan: I'm going back to basics and returning to my original intentions for the blog. These were 1. to give myself an outlet for my writing and 2. to help others feel good about themselves. I'll write posts when I'm inspired to and only write about things that matter to me – there will be fewer reviews, and when I do review something it will be because I think it's so amazing that I just have to share it with you. From now on, I'm going to concentrate on quality over quantity.

Hell, I may even throw in the odd personal post, too, and not worry about how it might be received!


  1. Woo! You're back! I missed you. I noticed that you were gone! Glad to see you back and wishing you all the best for the future with your blog x x


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