Fitness Equipment and Clothing Haul

I recently asked on Twitter if you'd like me to do a haul on my blog, and since some of you were really enthusiastic I thought I'd show you a few fitness related things I've bought recently. Everything here is from Marks and Spencer, except the last item which I bought on Amazon.

First up is this sporty water bottle - I just love the colour and it holds 750ml (about 1.3 pints) of liquid so it's good for long workouts. I've started taking it everywhere with me even when I'm not working out because I drink water constantly and it's an easy way to get as much as I'm supposed to. Drinking just three of these will take you over the recommended goal of 2 litres per day and it's large enough to add chunks of fruit to if you want to sweeten your water.

I also bought this t-shirt for when I go running. It's described as jade but I'd personally call it more of a turquoise. Either way, it's my favourite colour which is why I bought it. I haven't worn it yet though.

These are THE most comfortable trousers I have ever worn. I bought a pair in black and jade (turquoise? the same as the t-shirt above) a few months ago and I've hardly taken them off, so I decided to go for a black & pink pair as well. They're great for exercising in because they're really thin but they're also so soft and comfortable that I've just been wearing them around the house too!

Final item! I've wanted a Fitbit for so long that I finally decided to splash out and buy one. I won't write too much about it here though as I intend to review it in a separate post when I've been using it for a while, so please let me know if you'd like to see that. [UPDATE: Read my Fitbit review here.]

I hope you enjoyed this haul...leave a comment and let me know if you'd like more in the future!

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  1. M&S have some great fitness clothing items ive noticed recently!
    Charlotte xx

  2. Hi Charlotte! Yes I've noticed that they've really stepped up their game with the fitness clothing recently. I love a lot of the things they've got in stock this season :)

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