New Product Alert! Crackin' Eggs (Review)

I love eggs. They're so good for you - so much so that I recently wrote a whole blog post devoted to the health benefits they can offer (I'll link to that post at the bottom). So I was excited when The Crackin' Egg Co. got in touch asking me to trial their new product: Crackin' Eggs.

Crackin' Eggs are free range, hard boiled eggs covered in a special wax coating which, according to their press release, 'keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out'. Because of this, they have an ambient shelf life of 4-6 weeks, which is amazing. If you hard boiled an egg at home you'd have to keep it refrigerated and it'd only last for a few days. Plus, you don't have to cook them yourself – a great time saver if you're in a hurry.

My first impression upon opening my delivery was how pretty they are – the packaging is eye-catching and the actual eggs are brightly coloured, almost like Easter eggs. I don't have children but I imagine they would be very appealing to kids. They come in four different colours, each colour having its own flavour sachet to sprinkle on. The blue eggs come with salt & pepper, the red ones sweet chilli and the green sour cream & chive. The yellow eggs are plain; they don't come with any flavouring.

I also like the fact that they're so convenient – ready cooked and pre-packaged so all you have to do is throw them in your lunchbox and away you go! I've been taking mine to work with me and also to the gym – they're a fantastic high-protein snack to munch on after a workout. Hubster has just been eating them at home and as a quick snack on the go.

So how do they taste? Well, just like a hard boiled egg, to be honest! The flavour sachets are a nice touch - my favourite by far was the sour cream and chive and I would definitely buy it.

Crackin' Eggs should be on the market in the near future at a cost of £1.59 for a two pack and £3.49 for a traditional half dozen. The Crackin' Egg Co.'s website states that they're still looking for bloggers interested in reviewing the product, so if you fancy getting your hands on some before they're even released, drop them a tweet or Facebook message.

Thanks to Lottie at The Crackin' Egg Co. who sent me a selection of their eggs to review. If you have a health/fitness/nutrition related product you'd like me to review, you can either email me at or contact me via Twitter. I will aim to post my review within a week of receiving your product and will always give my honest opinion.

Now go and read about the health benefits of eggs:
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  1. Wow, these look interesting. Wish I could try them now!

  2. Awww wow, these are right up my street! I love the health benefits of eggs and enjoy them with a little paprika and some raw spinach! Amazing post, I would love to review them too! Wonder if they will let me?

    Love your blog, I get so much inspiration and ideas from you!

    Sarah xxx

  3. This is such a cool idea! I love hard boiled eggs but half of the time I can't be bothered to make them! Will definitely check these out.


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