Ten Fruits to Eat this Summer

Fruit can be so refreshing and hydrating on a hot day. It's also really convenient with hardly any preparation involved (a quick rinse is usually enough), making it the perfect summertime snack.

Buying fruit which is in season is better for you, your wallet and the environment. Out of season produce is often less nutritious, more expensive, doesn't taste as good and is usually shipped in from overseas rather than grown locally.

But do you know which fruits are in season right now? A lot of people don't because supermarkets nowadays tend to stock most things all year round. So here's a little list to help you out. These ten fruits are all in season throughout July and August so you can eat as many of them as you like for the next two months!

1. Strawberries - A rich source of vitamin C
2. Watermelon - Great for hydration
3. Cantaloupe - An excellent source of vitamin A
4. Blueberries - Full of antioxidants
5. Peaches - Source of selenium
6. Apricots - Very high in fibre
7. Kiwis - Also rich in Vitamin C
8. Raspberries - Extremely high in manganese
9. Plums - Contain vitamin K
10. Cherries - Help reduce inflammation

There are so many ways to enjoy these delicious fruits. As well as just eating them whole, you can use them to make juices, smoothies, ice lollies, fruit salads, crumbles...the list is endless. As most fruits are freezable it's worth stocking up on your summer faves while they're in season and freezing them for winter time, when they're not so readily available and more expensive.

A strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, watermelon and peach
fruit salad topped with Greek yoghurt and toasted sliced almonds

What's your favourite summer fruit? Leave a comment and let me know!