What I Eat in a Day

I'm a bit of a YouTube addict and I love watching food, nutrition and recipe videos. Some of my favourites are What I Eat in a Day videos – I like to see what other people are eating to stay healthy and get tips and ideas for new recipes from them.

I thought it would be a nice idea to do a What I Eat in a Day in blog form so you can get an idea of what a nutrition blogger typically eats. Here's what I had yesterday:

Early Morning
I start every day with a detoxifying lemon water, which is so easy to make. Just squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass of lukewarm water and chug! Then I have a cup of coffee made with soya milk (I'm not lactose intolerant or anything, I just can't stand the taste of cow's milk).

It really is the most important meal of the day. I usually don't eat breakfast until I've been up for about an hour because I never feel like eating as soon as I wake up. Almost every single day I have two scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast, followed by a smoothie. I also take a multivitamin when I remember.

To make my favourite smoothie, blend raspberries, mango chunks and sliced banana (preferably all frozen) with some coconut water and a teaspoon of honey. Sooo delicious! For this one I also had some ripe blackcurrants in the garden so I added them in too and they made it taste even better.

Mid Morning Snack

To keep me going from breakfast until lunchtime I need to eat something in between. Yesterday I had a handful of Marmite flavoured cashew nuts. Seriously, if you like Marmite, you HAVE to try these! I don't like plain cashews but could happily eat these all day – whoever thought of covering them in Marmite is a genius. I also had a cup of Twinings apple & pear flavoured green tea.

I only eat meat with one meal a day and it's usually dinner. For lunch I had quinoa and roasted Mediterranean vegetables sprinkled with some feta cheese and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

Afternoon Snack
I'm eating again! I normally have a piece of fruit around this time but yesterday I had some homemade baked tortilla chips and houmous (find the recipe for both in my previous blog post) and another cup of green tea. I love me some green tea!

My favourite meal of the day! I always make sure I get plenty of protein, some complex carbs and piles of veg. Yesterday was hot so I had a Tuna Nicoise salad with tuna, new potatoes, eggs, green beans, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, red onion, olives and anchovies (get the recipe from this blog post). I then had my last cup of green tea about an hour after dinner.

Late night snack
We're warned not to eat too close to bedtime – however a small snack is ok and I can't fall asleep if I go to bed hungry. I had a cherry Activia yoghurt about half an hour before I hit the sack.

As well as all this food, I always have a bottle of water on the go to keep me hydrated throughout the day.

So that's what I eat in a day! As you can see, healthy eating doesn't mean deprivation - there's an abundance of amazing foods you can eat. I tend to eat little and often as opposed to three great big meals a day with nothing in between as that's what works best for my body and energy levels.

How much do you eat? Either leave me a comment with the list of foods you munch on in a day or write your own blog post and link me to it in the comments – I love this kind of stuff!