Book Review: JUMP ATTACK

Jump Attack is a 12-week programme for athletes who want to improve their explosiveness and overall athletic performance. It's written by Tim S. Grover who was the trainer to basketball legend Michael Jordan when he was at the height of his fame and in peak physical condition. Everyone used to ask him, “How do you jump so high?” so he asked Tim to put together a workout that everyone could do on their own, which reflected the hard work he put into his own body...and Jump Attack was born.

Originally self-published in 1990, Jump Attack was completely different from the way anyone else was training at the time and sold hundreds of thousands of copies. It has now been re-written using all the scientific research and knowledge gained over the past 25 years and is published by Souvenir Press.

It's a quick read – I finished it in just two days – but obviously putting the exercises into practice will take longer. I am not going to complete the 12-week programme because I'm just a normal person and not an athlete trying to improve my explosiveness; however, I have taken away some of the exercises from this book to incorporate into my workout (and let me tell you, they're very challenging).

Whether you're a basketball player, footballer, sprinter or swimmer - whatever sport you do - Jump Attack promises to improve your explosiveness and overall athletic performance in just 12 weeks, so why not give it a go? If it was good enough for Michael Jordan...

Jordan circa 1990

Jump Attack is available in all good book stores and on Amazon, priced at £15.

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