Five of My Favourite Health and Fitness Youtubers

As a health blogger, one of my favourite things to do is watch other nutrition and fitness fanatics on Youtube. Whether it's just a healthy recipe or an idea for a blog post, I can usually find what I'm looking for on there.

Here are five of the best Youtubers I've come across, loved and followed. They all inspire me in one way or another so I thought it would be a nice idea to dedicate a blog post to them.

1. Cambria Joy (Breelovesbeauty)

My No.1 fave Youtuber, Cambria is only 19 years old but one of the most inspirational people on the internet in my opinion. She lives in California (so jealous!) and makes videos about health, fitness, nutrition, God, happiness and wellbeing. I love her because she's faced problems and trials in her life (an eating disorder, a mother with a terminal illness etc) but always keeps a positive attitude. Her videos are so bright, colourful and full of positivity that they'll instantly cheer you up if you're feeling a bit down or give you some much-needed motivation to go and work out. Cambria also has a vlog channel where she often shares her daily life. If you only check out one Youtuber from this list, I recommend Cambria.

2. Rebekah Borucki (Bexlife)

Another Youtuber who exudes positivity, Rebekah (or Bex) makes videos mainly about yoga and meditation – two things I'm interested in but find hard to do because of my lack of flexibility (for yoga) and patience (for both). I love her friendly, upbeat personality and the fact that she seems to have love for everyone. Her videos give a sense that she really cares for you even though she doesn't know you. She also gives really great life advice about things such as dealing with grief and finding inner peace.

3. Lozza (BakingMadGymAddict)

Lorraine (aka Lozza) is a Scot living the life in Australia. She mostly posts healthy meal prep and recipe videos as well as the odd vlog or gym routine. I love her attitude to clean eating and the fact that she seems to love protein as much as I do! Lozza is full of energy and watching a few of her videos will definitely make you want to dash off and prepare a healthy meal.

4. Caroline (CarolineJulia)

Caroline is a 16-year-old girl from Florida who makes videos about her vegan lifestyle including healthy recipes, 'What I Eat in a Day', Q&A videos and vlogs. She's yet another Youtuber I was drawn to because of her happy, upbeat personality and positive outlook on life. I'm not a vegan but I love watching vegan channels – their recipes are usually very healthy due to the high vegetable content and lack of processed foods, and can be extremely imaginative.

5. Sara Lynn Cauchon (The Domestic Geek)

The Domestic Geek is more of a food channel than a health & fitness one, but I've included Sara Lynn in this list anyway. Her videos have a very professional edge; it feels more like you're watching a mini cooking show than a Youtube video. Most of her recipes are healthy, with the odd indulgent one thrown in for good measure. I'm constantly surprised by how she can come up with so many recipes; she must spend a lot of time working on them. My favourites are always her smoothie recipes – in fact, I think that's why I followed her in the first place. She will give you five completely different smoothie ideas and they always turn out to be delicious.

This list is by no means exhaustive and I do have more Youtubers that I love watching; however I think five is enough for one post so I've picked my absolute favourites. Go and check them out – hopefully you'll find them as inspiring as I do!

Tell me some of your favourite Youtubers! Do you already follow any on this list?

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