Product Review: Multipower Premium Protein Powder Range


As a fitness junkie, I can't tell you how excited I was to be asked to review Multipower's new range of protein powders and smoothies. Hubster and I always have a stash of protein at home and we like to try out different brands, so the addition of Multipower was a very welcome one indeed.

When you think of protein powder you might imagine bodybuilders or athletes, but it can really be used by anyone who works out. Whey protein is a great after-exercise option because it's easily absorbed by the body, giving it the means to repair and build new muscle.

What was I sent?

One 2000g tub of 100% pure whey protein. This one is coffee caramel flavour and contains 66 servings. Each 30g serving contains 24g protein, 5.7g BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) and 1.6g carbohydrate.

Eight 15g sample sachets of 100% pure whey protein – two French vanilla, two rich chocolate, two banana mango and two strawberry splash flavour.

This is a high quality whey protein complex with isolates being the primary source (also contains concentrate and hydrolysate). It contains the BCAAs leucine, isoleucine and valine. It also contains vitamin B6, which helps you to metabolise protein.

One 1590g bag of 100% whey protein isolate. This is French vanilla flavour and contains 53 servings. Each 30g serving contains 26g protein, 6.5g BCAAs and 0.8g carbohydrate.

Isolate is the purest form of protein and an effective way to repair sore muscles after a hard workout. Each serving is 85% protein with a high level of naturally occurring BCAAs and L-Glutamine. It's low in carbs and fat and so is great for those looking to build a lean physique.

Four 330ml bottled protein smoothies – two raspberry & blueberry and two orange & mango flavour. They each contain 26g protein, 2.3g fat (1.7 saturates) and 0.3g salt per serving. The orange & mango flavour contains 14g carbohydrate (12g sugars) while the raspberry & blueberry only contains 4.3g carbohydrate (3.6g sugars).

The 2kg tub of whey protein also came in a Multipower bag, which can be used as a gym bag.

N.B. There is also a 'mass gainer' protein-carb complex in this range, which I wasn't sent so can't review for you (not that I would have used that anyway, but Hubs may have).

Some thoughts:

The Powders

One thing I dislike about protein shakes is that they can be grainy (sometimes even if you put them in the blender) but I found that Multipower's range wasn't grainy at all. Result.

I think that these have a great protein/carb ratio.

They actually feel quite light to drink. They're not heavy or stodgy at all.

They definitely helped with post-workout recovery.

My favourite flavour was the chocolate (no surprise there). Hubs preferred the vanilla.

I discovered a trick with the coffee caramel flavour – if you mix it with milk (I use soya) instead of water and add a few ice cubes, it's actually like you're drinking an iced caramel coffee. Seriously, who needs Starbucks?

The Bottled Smoothies

These are delicious, fruity and light. If you didn't know you were drinking a protein drink, you wouldn't be able to tell.

They're great for drinking on the go if you don't have time to mix a protein shake. Can also be used as a high-protein snack.

– However, I don't like the high sugar content of the orange and mango flavour.


Finally, here's how Multipower scores out of 10 on a few important factors, according to Hubster and me:

Ingredients: 9/10 – Very 'clean'; high protein content and not too many added extras.

Results: 9/10 – Provides quick recovery and helps prevent next-day soreness.

Taste: 10/10 – I haven't found a better tasting protein powder yet.

Mixability: 10/10 – Mixes really quickly and isn't grainy at all.

Price: 8/10 – It's expensive, but superior to other protein powders so worth the price tag.

Overall: 9/10 – A brilliant, high-quality new range.

We would both definitely recommend this range by Multipower. If you're bulking, go for the whey protein or the mass gainer. If you're cutting, go for the whey protein isolate.

What's your favourite brand of protein powder and why?

Thanks to Neil for sending me a selection of Multipower protein powders and smoothies to review. If you have a health/fitness/nutrition related product you'd like me to review, you can either email me at or contact me via Twitter. I will aim to post my review within a week of receiving your product and will always give my honest opinion.

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