Healthy Food Haul!

Do you love food shopping as much as I do? I usually do our big weekly grocery shop on a Monday then pop into the supermarket throughout the week if there's anything I've forgotten or we've run out of something.

This one was only a small midweek shopping trip to stock up on a few things - I was visiting my mum and on the way home I ran into ASDA to grab some bits and pieces I needed/wanted. So here's my mini haul!

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What I bought:
1. ASDA water filter (£7.50) and 2 refill cartridges (£4.75) - We've wanted one of these for ages because we live in a hard water area, but never actually bought one. When I saw this I decided just to go for it. This holds 2.5 litres and fits perfectly in the fridge door.
2. Tiori microwavable brown rice (58p) - For dinner that night I cooked this with salmon and broccoli, which you can also see in the photo (the broccoli, not the salmon - I already had that at home)
3. Six free range eggs (85p) - Eggs are my go-to breakfast almost every morning and I buy free range whenever I can.
4. Broccoli (49p) - Possibly my fave vegetable of all time. I buy it every week.
5. ASDA Good & Balanced wholemeal pasta (98p) - I don't eat much pasta but I do enjoy it now and then, so I like to have a supply of brown pasta in the kitchen cupboard - it's much better for you than white.
6. ASDA Good & Balanced apple, lime and asparagus drink (£2) - I usually make my own juices and smoothies but I grabbed this on whim as it looked interesting. It doesn't have many ingredients (which is good) and is mainly just not-from-concentrate fruit juices. There's no added sugar or sweetener - the only sugar is from the fruit.
7. Alpro unsweetened soya milk (£1.39) - I don't drink cow's milk because I can't stand the taste so I drink soya instead, but the only brand I like is Alpro.
8. Marmite cashews (£1.59 each) - These are quite expensive for just 90g but they are amazing. I bought not one, but two packets because Hubster and I always fight over them - so this time we've got a packet each!
9. Kingsmill 'Little Big Loaf' wholemeal bread (75p) - This is the size of half a regular loaf of bread, but the actual slices are normal size. As this will get eaten quicker than a whole loaf there won't be any wastage.
10. Twinings gingerbread flavoured green tea (£2.49) - I love green tea and drink it several times daily, so we run out fast. Twinings are hands down the best brand and I don't buy anything else anymore. As they were out of my favourite (apple & pear) I decided to try a new flavour. Last time I bought cherry bakewell which was lovely but this time I chose gingerbread because it seemed like a nice warming autumnal flavour!
11. Blueberries (£1.50) - One of my favourite fruits and these ones looked especially juicy and delicious so I couldn't resist adding them to my trolley.
12. Berry Burst TREK bar (90p) - I grabbed this for the day after as I was going on a course and didn't know what time I'd get lunch (don't you just hate not knowing when you'll next have food?!) I like to have a protein bar in my handbag for emergencies and TREK are my favourite brand. Their bars are completely natural, contain 10g of protein per 55g bar, are gluten, wheat and dairy free and suitable for veggies/vegans.

Total spent: £27.36

What healthy food have you bought recently? Let me know in the comments!

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