Is Health Blogging an Oxymoron?

I love words. Oxymoron is one of my favourite and I try to use it as often as possible. (I also love that the plural is oxymora. So cool). If you don't know what an oxymoron is, it's basically a phrase that contradicts itself. Some examples would be:

[It's worth noting here that the word oxymoron is actually an oxymoron itself, which blows my mind. It's derived from the ancient Greek words oxus meaning sharp or keen, and moros meaning dull or stupid. I bloody love language!] 

Anyway, my two passions in life are health (fitness/nutrition) and writing. However, I kind of feel that the two contradict each other. Writing by its very nature involves long periods of sitting in one place. You need be disciplined enough to do so or you wouldn't get anything written. As an active person, this is one aspect of writing that I struggle with. I don't want to be sitting down all day and get very restless when I've been sedentary for a while.  

I also notice that I don't eat as well as usual when I'm spending the day writing. I don't want to stop mid-flow and start preparing a full meal; I prefer to concentrate on what I'm doing so I just grab whatever's in the cupboard and end up snacking a lot more (thank God we don't keep unhealthy snacks in the house because I'd probably just eat crisps all day if they were available).  

So I've come up with a few ways to be a health blogger and actually stay healthy while you're blogging. Don't be an oxymoron!  

1. Prepare nutritious meals and snacks ahead of time if you know you'll be spending more than a few hours at your computer. That way there'll always be something healthy on hand to munch on and you can stay 'in the zone' with your writing.

2. Take regular breaks. Step away from your desk and go for a walk or run, do some pilates or lift some weights. It's important to stay active and get some exercise in, especially on days when you're not generally moving about much.

3. Drink plenty of water. Not only will this keep you hydrated and alert but your full bladder will force you to get up and move. If that's what it takes, then so be it.

Do you think health blogging is an oxymoron? How do you stay healthy while you blog?

Also, what's your favourite word and why?

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  1. To me, blogging about health is more 'balance'. I get to do so much fun active stuff, and I try out lots of recipes / ingredients to share on the blog so actually writing it up is some down time for me to chill out, relax and put "pen to paper". I do generally like extremes though so I enjoy going from being crazy active to doing NOTHING! ..p.s I love words too :)

    1. Hi Elle, I definitely agree with you that writing is a great way to relax and unwind, especially after an active day. I love that you said health blogging is more balance and that's so true! Thanks so much for your comment, I'll come over and check out your blog now :)


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