Book Review: The Health Assessment Workbook

If you've decided to make healthy changes this year, The Health Assessment Workbook is a great starting point.

Firstly, let me tell you a little about the author, Karen Morris. Karen is a fellow health blogger who runs Beyond the Bathroom Scale. She started the site in 2012 after making a complete lifestyle overhaul the previous year and losing a tonne of weight (not literally a tonne, obvs) as well as reversing both hypertension and pre-diabetes. What an inspirational woman!

I love Karen's blog so I was honoured when she offered to send me a copy of her e-book, The Health Assessment Workbook, to review. It's a book designed mainly for people planning to start a fitness or weight loss journey, but can be used by anyone to calculate their own health and fitness levels at any given time.

The e-book guides you through how to measure and calculate certain important statistics, including your BMI (body mass index), BMR (basal metabolic rate), TDEE (total daily energy expenditure), body fat percentage and much more. It also explains what these measurements mean and what to do with the information you acquire during your self-assessment.

The great thing about this book is that you don't need to have any prior health or fitness knowledge to read it. So if you're a complete beginner who has lived on McDonald's your whole life and have just decided to start making healthy changes, everything is explained clearly and concisely by Karen who has done all the research and hard work for you, so you don't have to.

It would be a good idea to print the e-book out and fill it in the old fashioned way, with a pen or pencil (remember those things we used before computers?) so you have something tangible and concrete to motivate you on your journey.

I was really impressed with The Health Assessment Workbook and give it a 9/10, which is pretty much the highest rating I could give (I never give anything 10/10 because nothing in this world is perfect) and for such a low price it's an amazing resource for anyone thinking about getting fit and healthy in 2016.

Thanks to Karen Morris for sending me a copy of The Health Assessment Workbook to review. If you have a health/fitness/nutrition related product you'd like me to review, you can either email me at or contact me via Twitter. I will aim to post my review within a week of receiving your product and will always give my honest opinion.