Why Laughter is Good for Your Health

Get your funny on!

We've all heard the phrase Laughter is the best medicine and it couldn't be more true. A good laugh can:

- Strengthen your immune system
- Relieve pain
- Protect against stress
- Relieve physical tension and relax you
- Release endorphins, increasing happiness
- Attract others
- Create intimacy with others
- Ease anxiety
- Give you a more positive outlook
- Give you a good ab workout!

Who wouldn't want those things? We should make it our mission to laugh - and I mean a proper belly laugh, not just a chuckle - at least once every day. Hell, life's too short not to enjoy it.

Need some ideas of things to get you giggling? Here are some things that make me ROFL...and sometimes even LMAO.
1. Watch old box sets of funny TV shows – some of my faves are Friends, Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother

2. Watch some stand-up comedy - A good comedian can often make me laugh ntil I cry

3. Play with kids – they can be so entertaining to watch and listen to

4. Call or meet up with an old friend and reminisce about the good times and silly things you used to get up to

5. Ask someone to tell you their favourite joke, or a funny story about something that happened to them

6. Try to make someone else laugh

7. Get someone to tickle you (if you like that kind of thing - I, however, am extremely ticklish and can't stand it. Instead of laughing, I'll scream and try to punch the tickler and it will all end in tears)

8. Watch funny YouTube videos of babies and/or animals. Here are two to start you off:
- Babies Laughing Hysterically at Dogs
It's pretty much impossible to hear a baby laughing and not join in, whether you want to or not.
- Cats Being Scared by Cucumbers
I don't blame them really; I'd also be alarmed if I turned around and a long green salad vegetable had sneaked up behind me.

What are your favourite funny things? Please share them with me in the comments!

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