Recipe | Post Workout Smoothie

I posted this on Instagram yesterday and a lot of people liked it so I thought I'd share it here on my blog too.

This is one of my favourite smoothies to make after a workout - it offers quick-release carbohydrates (from the fruit and honey), replenishes electrolytes (thanks to the coconut water) and aids muscle recovery (due to the protein powder).

Here's what I put into it:

- Frozen banana
- Frozen raspberries
- Frozen mango chunks
- Coconut water
- Honey
- Protein powder

Whizz it all up in a blender and enjoy! If it's too thick, add a little water and blend again until you achieve your desired consistency.

I haven't given exact measurements as I generally just eyeball it and throw in as much of each ingredient as I feel like, but a good rule of thumb would be one banana, one or two handfuls of raspberries, the same of mango, a teaspoon or two of honey and a cup of coconut water. Occasionally I add about a tablespoon of Greek yoghurt but I didn't have any this time.

Also, the fruit doesn't need to be frozen, but I think it's better when it is. If you're using fresh fruit, throw in a few ice cubes as well. Obviously this smoothie is vegetarian but if you're vegan, replace the honey with agave (or just leave it out entirely) and use a vegan protein powder - I actually used pea protein for this one.

Let me know if you make this! Send me a picture on Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. Great flavour combos and so perfect post-workout!


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