The British Tag

I found this tag online and thought it would be fun to do, so here goes: 
1. How many cups of tea do you drink per day (and how many sugars?)
I only really drink green tea and have anywhere between one and four cups a day (no sugar). Occasionally I'll have a cup of good ol' Tetley (two sugars).

2. Favourite part of your roast.
Either the meat or the veg (wait, that's pretty much all a roast is, isn't it?)

3. Favourite dunking biscuit.
Ginger nuts or Bourbons, although I can't remember the last time I ate either (I also wouldn't dunk them in green tea, it'd have to be a proper English tea for that).

4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime.
What exactly is a 'quintessentially British pastime'? Fox hunting? Drinking tea? Playing polo? Complaining about immigration?

5. Favourite word.
Can't really say I have a favourite word. I do say "Oh my God" a lot though.

6. Favourite sweet.
Anything chocolatey is pretty much my downfall.

7. Favourite British person.
Can I say my mum?

8. Which British song pops into your head?
For some reason it was Everything Changes - love a bit of old school Take That!

9. Marmite: discuss.
Let me tell you a little story. Yesterday I was sad because I'd used up what I thought was the last of the Marmite, but then I checked and realised I had a new jar the size of my head in the cupboard (seriously, it's a half kg) and all was well with the world again.

So yeah, I kinda like Marmite. Just a little bit.

I'm tagging everyone who reads this to answer the questions! If you can't be bothered, at least tell me your thoughts on Marmite in the comments (but be warned - if you don't like it, we can't be friends. Just kidding! Actually, I'm not).

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  1. Oh :( I don't like Marmite. I hate it. But...please can we still be friends? :) Hehe. Great post hun. I might do this tag when I next have a free slot on the blog, if that's ok? :) x x

    1. Hey Aimee! I will have to rethink our friendship now...hehe :)
      Course you can do the tag - looking forward to reading your answers! I love how you always say 'when I have a free slot', you must be so organised with your posts! I only ever have like one or two ready to go!

  2. I love this tag, especially that your favourite British person is your mum and your answer to favourite pastime cracked me up! I recently ran out of marmite so I can imagine you delight when you found a new jar :) xx

    1. Thanks Charlotte! There's nothing worse than running out of Marmite, is there?

  3. Don't forget the roast potatoes or the stuffing as part of the roast, they are the best bits! It's such a lovely thing to hear that your mum is your favourite British person, that's too cute x

    1. Totally agree - stuffing is the best part of the roast for sure, and Yorkshire puddings!

    2. I'm not all that bothered about stuffing actually, I can take it or leave it. Not sure how I forgot about Yorkshire puddings though, they are amazing!

  4. Marmite is amazing, I have the struggle of living with someone who hates it! I am trying to ease him into it. Complaining about the weather is another quintessentially British pastime for sure!

    1. Hi Elle! My husband also hates Marmite, but I don't think of it as a struggle - all the more for me, haha!!


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