Six Reasons I Don't Wear Make-Up

As a child, I was never a girly girl. I liked playing football and climbing trees and generally just hanging around with the boys. My own species irritated me a bit – they enjoyed playing with Barbies and picking flowers and cried far too easily.

It wasn't until I was a young teenager that I started noticing boys for more than just their ability to kick a ball into a net (it was probably Take That and their sexy dance routines who awakened my teenage urges tbh). Then I got into make-up and feminine clothes and boybands, and therefore had more in common with my female friends than my male ones. In my teens and early twenties I wore lots of make-up, skirts and heels and actually became a girly girl. Hell, I even started liking the colour pink!

However, I seem to have come full circle and I'm not really into all that fuss anymore. Nowadays, my everyday make-up routine consists of a swoosh of mascara, a flick of eyeliner and a little dab of concealer under my eyes, just so I don't look tired. I also carry a chapstick everywhere with me as I often get dry lips, but that's about it. I have no idea how to contour and I don't even know what strobing is.

I know that many women will disagree with what I'm about to write, but here are my personal reasons for choosing not to wear make-up:

1. I'm lazy. This has to be the number one reason – I simply can't be bothered to spend more than ten minutes a day on my face. I'll wash it, moisturise and then apply the eye make-up mentioned above. I'd much rather spend an extra half hour in bed (how I love my bed) than staring at myself in a mirror. When I used to wear more make-up, I'd also be too lazy to remove it and would end up going to sleep in it (the horror!) causing bad skin, minging pillows and waking up looking like the Bride of Frankenstein with mascara all down my face.

2. I don't need it. Ok, calm down: I know that sounds really conceited, but that's honestly not the way I mean it. I'm definitely not one of those annoyingly beautiful girls who can roll out of bed looking stunning and would even look amazing wearing a bin bag (as much as I wish I was). What I mean is that I have clear skin, so I don't really see the need to wear foundation or powder, and I can only wear minimal make-up or I look ridiculous – so it doesn't make that much difference to my appearance anyway. Some chicks can wear heavy make-up and get away with it; I would legit look like a clown.

3. I won't let society tell me what to do. Unfortunately we live in a society which places huge emphasis on physical appearance, and many people (especially women) end up defining themselves by how many likes they get on their Instagram selfie or how many guys ask them out. I'd rather be respected for my intelligence or the way I treat others. In my opinion, it's none of my business whether a guy finds me attractive or not – I wasn't put on this earth for your viewing pleasure, dude! (Although saying that, I don't think males even notice whether or not you're wearing a lot of make-up. The few comments I've ever received have all been from females. A man has never come up to me and said, "Why don't you wear more make-up?" or "Ooh look at you, what's the occasion?" when I've actually been wearing more than usual just because I felt like it that day).

4. I'm married. This may sound like an odd reason and may even seem to contradict what I just said about not wearing make-up so men find me more attractive, but I definitely wore more make-up when I was single than I do now. I don't know whether this was a subconscious thing or not, but now I'm settled I just don't feel the need to do it anymore. Plus my husband isn't keen on heavy make-up – probably because he doesn't fancy living with a clown (see point 2) – and while this does make me feel better about my decision not to wear it, if he was like "I want you to wear more make-up" I'd be like "Erm...NO."

5. I'm more confident now. Following on from number 4, another reason I wore more make-up when I was younger was to feel better about myself. If I had a job interview, a date, a meeting or just felt extra insecure that day, I'd put on a little extra make-up. I suppose I used it as a kind of safety net or security blanket because it definitely made me feel more confident. Now I don't have to worry about interviews and dates (as I have a career and a husband) and being a little older I have more confidence in myself and my abilities so I don't feel the need to hide behind that mask anymore. 

6. I work out a lot. Another strange reason? You decide. I know that many women who exercise also enjoy wearing make-up. But I could never wear a faceful of slap to the gym – that's fine if you're just there to pose, but by the end of my intense workouts people would think a zombie was about to attack them. Also after the gym I often have somewhere to be, so a quick shower and change of clothes is usually all I've got time for. I don't want to have to worry about re-applying my face every time I go out in public. 

I'm interested to hear your reactions to this – let me know your reasons for why you do or don't wear make-up in the comments. I know a lot of people won't agree with me so I can't wait to hear your views!

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