Six Inspirational Health Blogs to Read in 2017

If you seem to have eaten your body weight in mince pies and selection boxes this December, your new year's resolution is probably to get back on the wagon and start feeling a little bit healthier.

One of the best places to find healthy recipes, fitness motivation and wellness inspiration is from bloggers – real people with real stories to share. So I've compiled a list of six blogs to read in 2017 to kick start you on your journey to better health.

Helen is a running blogger who has completed three marathons and also runs the UK Fitness Bloggers network. Helen's blog documents her health and fitness journey as well as useful posts like how to stay motivated and tips for keeping safe while running on winter nights.

Lucy is a triathlete and a This Girl Can ambassador. She uses her blog to write about the triathlons she completes and helpful information such as pain you shouldn't ignore while working out, reviews and gift ideas.

Fiona is a runner, climber and hiker. Her site provides a mixture of lifestyle posts, race reports and product reviews. According to Fiona, her blog is for anyone who 'loves living the healthy life but doesn't love that healthy now comes with a rule book'.

Jenna is an inflammatory bowel disease sufferer who decided to create a blog to help others dealing with gut issues, from coeliac disease to IBS to crohn's. She blogs about gut health, intolerances, gluten-free recipes and healthy living advice.

5. Be Healthy Now
Petra is passionate about natural remedies and a holistic approach to health. She also loves cycling and hiking. Her blog includes reviews of natural beauty products, organic recipes and fitness tips.

6. Purple Fitness
Charlie is a certified fitness and health coach who runs Cambridge Bootcamps, a 45-minute total body workout for women of all ages and fitness levels. Her blog is a mixture of motivational posts and personal stories.

Enjoy reading these blogs and have a happy & healthy 2017!

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Tell me: who are your favourite health bloggers? Or just leave your blog link in the comments so I can check you out!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my blog Nicola! I already follow Balanced Belly but haven't come across other blogs before so I am definitely going to check them out!

    1. No problem! Definitely check out the others, you won't regret it x


  2. A really good mixture of websites! I personally love Hels Bels and Petra’s site, Be Healthy Now. My other favourites include (I just love the branding!) and which has many free kettlebell workouts :-)

    1. Thanks for the tips! I'll check them out x

  3. It is good site
    for me, which has helped me a lot. Thank you.


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