Charity of the Month: January

Welcome to a new series for 2017 on Nic's Healthy Life: Charity of the Month. Every month throughout the year I will dedicate a blog post to a small charity I believe you should check out and think about supporting.

My Charity of the Month for January is The Lewis Foundation based in Northampton, England. Founded in May 2016 by Lorraine and Lee Lewis, it donates 80 gift bags per month to adult cancer patients undergoing treatment in Northampton General Hospital. There are 10 different packs the patients can choose from, ranging from reading to beauty to adult colouring books to radios. These packs are free of charge for all patients, whether they are day patients, overnight patients, short stay or long term patients. So far the charity has donated 640 gift bags.

"We set the charity up as Lee's mum spent a lot of time in this hospital with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer" Lorraine tells me. "We noticed how sad and bored patients looked when they didn't have visitors. Some didn't have family or friends to bring them something in."

A lot of the charity's fundraising is through sports based events, such as obstacle courses. Lorraine herself will be running 1000 miles this year for her personal fundraising efforts, as well as taking part in other charity runs and events which will take place throughout 2017.

Below is a photo of Lorraine and Lee at the charity's most recent trampoline event.

Katie Groome, who runs the health blog Cake vs Scales, is a supporter of TLF and attends around eighty per cent of the charity's fundraising events. She says, "The main thing I love about The Lewis Foundation is the fact they are not a huge faceless charity - Lorraine and Lee work tirelessly alongside their full time jobs. They also take great pride in involving everyone in fun and unique events. These events raise money for their charity who provide goodie bags that really do put a smile on people's faces.

"I feel very strongly about supporting local charities. In my opinion what The Lewis Foundation offers is thoughtful, useful and uplifting to those in need. If I can be a tiny part of bringing a smile to someone's face then that's okay with me."

If you want to support The Lewis Foundation, or for more information about their fundraising events, check out their website or follow them on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

If you are a charity or non-profit organisation who would like to be featured as my Charity of the Month (or if you would like to nominate one), please get in touch with me via Twitter or email This is a free service, however, while I will consider every application, it's impossible for me to feature every single one on the blog.

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