Five Reasons You Should Embrace Your Period

I didn't get my first period until I was 14. By then almost everyone else in my school year already had theirs and I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me. I was a shy teenager who didn't have much confidence anyway and thought everyone would think I was a freak if I didn't have blood gushing out of my vagina every month.

When I finally did get my period, I was happy for all of about five minutes until I realised what it was going to entail. The stomach cramps, the mood swings, the bloating, the eating-everything-in-sight (actually, that bit was okay by me), the leakage when I didn't change my sanitary towel quickly enough and the struggle to learn how to insert a tampon.

That was almost 20 years ago now and - hang on, what? I've been having periods for 20 years? Seriously, where has my life gone? - and although I can now insert a tampon in my sleep, I still suffer from all the other symptoms I just listed...and more (sore nipples, anyone? What the hell is that about?)

Anyway, you may not think there are many good things about your 'time of the month' and if I were to write a post listing all the things to hate about your period it'd be infinitely longer than this one, but I've come to the conclusion that there really are some perks to getting your monthlies. Hey, it only took me twenty years!

So here are five good things about periods. Yes, I could only think of five.

1. They're a natural part of a woman's reproductive cycle. They show that you're ovulating and healthy enough to carry a baby one day.

2. If you don't want to have a child yet (or ever), getting your period signals that you're not pregnant.

3. It also gives you an excuse to lie on the sofa bingeing on Netflix and chocolate all day because you don't feel like doing anything else.

4. They give us a sense of sisterhood as they're something only women can experience - and men will never understand.

5. They're a fact of life and there's nothing you can do about them anyway. So there's really not much point complaining.

So next time that bloody nuisance Aunt Flo comes to visit, remind yourself that it's just a sign that you're a healthy female who deserves to relax with your feet up and a box of Milk Tray. And if that doesn't help...well, at least I tried!

Come on, girls - I challenge you to think of a reason to love your period! Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. Haha I love this! Part of me thinks periods are the worst but you're totally right they're a good and healthy thing really - plus hello, chocolate and slobbing around in pyjamas!

  2. Hehe, I loved the positive spin you have put on having a period! At school I used to be happy to be having my period – meant I could skip the PE class which was my least favourite class LOL

    1. Lol, funny how you didn't like PE and you're now a fitness blogger! :)

  3. I wish I could embrace my periods more, but they are such a pain in the freaking ass! or should I say uterus? haha!x

  4. I would challenge you to consider re-framing your use of women and men - trans women are still women even if they don't have periods and many trans men (and some of us nonbinary folks!) also have periods, but we don't identify as women.

    So saying that periods are something ONLY women experience can feel really invalidating and like our experiences are being erased from the narrative.

    Just a thought - you never know who you're audience is, after all!

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