Charity of the Month: February

At the beginning of 2017, I decided to start a new blog series called Charity of the Month in which every month throughout the year I dedicate a blog post to a small charity I believe you should check out and think about supporting. I'm so happy that January's post was well received and the charity benefited from the exposure, and I'm excited to talk to you about the charity I've chosen for February.

DDH UK is the UK's only charity dedicated to providing support for parents with children born with developmental dysplasia of the hip. Its founder, Natalie Trice (pictured above with her son Lucas) tells me her story:

"Seven years ago I handed my baby over to surgeons for hip surgery. Little did I know this was the first of many trips to theatre for my brave boy. 
"Lucas was born in 2009 and was diagnosed with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) when  he was four months old. Since then, he has been in and out of hospital for months in harnesses and casts and most recently a wheelchair after his pelvis was cracked and rebuilt.

"Back in 2009, I felt like I was facing this journey alone. I couldn’t find any information, I didn’t know anyone who had been through this, I was confused about the equipment I needed. 
"I felt lost – but I knew I wasn’t going to be beaten. We would get through DDH one way or another and it would make us stronger.
"Rather than feel bitter or angry, I channelled my energy into ensuring DDH was on the radar of health professionals – early detection is crucial to successful treatment and pain free lives.  I also wanted to know parents had access to the information and support they needed on this journey.

"From this passion for change, I wrote my book Cast Life and set up DDH UK, the UK's only hip dysplasia charity. We are 14 months old now and have a global Facebook forum offering 24/7 support, we send cards before surgery, arrange regional group meet ups and provide buddy support. We have an equipment site, loan out books and make sure  that no parent with a child going through DDH ever feels alone.
"Lucas still isn't 100% and potentially faces more surgery in the future but on 1st March our school is hosting a massive fundraising event and people around the world will be raising money for healthy hips. We have a medical advisor from Southampton University and Gemma Almond, a paralympic swimmer with bilateral DDH, is our patron." 

If you want to support DDH UK, or for more information about their fundraising events, check out their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

You can buy Natalie's book 'Cast Life: A Parent's Guide to DDH' here.

If you are a charity or non-profit organisation who would like to be featured as my Charity of the Month (or if you would like to nominate one), please email me at This is a free service, however, while I will consider every application, due to the sheer volume it's impossible for me to feature every single one on the blog.

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