Product Review: Roots Collective Vegetable Blends

When Roots Collective reached out to me and asked if I'd like to try their new vegetable blends, I was all over it. As I read their press release, I got more and more excited about the products. I love juices and smoothies; however Roots Collective Vegetable Blends are neither a juice nor a smoothie. They're as thick as a shake, have bite and can be eaten hot or cold. Roots Collective add whole vegetables to their blends so they still contain fibre (which is lost when juicing).

My husband and I are both nutrition geeks and love trying healthy products, so as you can imagine, we were practically fighting over these. I wouldn't let him open them until I'd taken some photos for the blog post - then I had to keep reminding him that I needed at least to taste each one as it was me who had to write the review.

Then I decided, as he had drunk as much (if not more) than me, that he could review them with me. So here are our opinions on each blend:

Garden Greens: Cucumber, peas, kale & mint
My thoughts: Very minty and fresh tasting. I can imagine putting this on a light springtime or summertime meal like salad or pasta.
His thoughts: "I feel healthier just holding this."

Sweet Beets: Beetroot, red pepper, honey & lime
My thoughts: This doesn't taste sweet to me. The main flavours are beetroot and red pepper, and it's savoury. It still tastes good and I love the vibrant red colour. It would make a good pre- or post-workout drink.
His thoughts: "It tastes like beetroot." [No shit, Sherlock!]

Green Warrior: Cucumber, spinach, parsley & chives
My thoughts: I love the name of this one! As well as the ingredients listed above, it also contains avocado, courgette (beating the current courgette crisis!) and coconut milk. It's very smooth and refreshing.
His thoughts: "Nice. I can mainly taste the cucumber and spinach."

Carrot Zing: Carrot, ginger, honey & lime
My thoughts: This would be good heated up as a soup. It has carrot bits in it which make you feel more like you're eating something than drinking it, and the ginger gives it a real kick.
His thoughts: "I think this one's my favourite. It's really gingery."

Asian Sling: Spinach, coriander, chilli & lemongrass
My thoughts: This is like drinking a Thai curry. It's fragrant and aromatic with a kick of chilli. I would add this to an Asian-style stir fry.
His thoughts: "Why is this smoothie spicy?"

Ok, so Hubster may have to work on his reviewing skills, but at least you heard his honest reactions!

Thanks to Josie at Roots Collective for sending me five different vegetable blends to review. If you have a health, fitness or nutrition related product you'd like me to review, please email me at I will aim to post my review within a week of receiving your product and will always give my honest opinion.

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