10 Healthy Gift Ideas for Mum this Mother's Day

Whether it's for Mother's Day or her birthday, I've always found my mum incredibly hard to buy for. 

If you also struggle to think of something unique and meaningful to buy Mother Dearest every year, I've come up with ten ideas you may not have thought of. Let's ditch the clich├ęd chocolates and wilted petrol station flowers this once and get your mum something she'll truly love - and is good for her health!

1. Day out
The most precious gift you can give someone is your time, so take your lovely mum out for the day and spend a few hours with her. It could be just the two of you, or bring your kids along so they can also spend some quality time with their gran. You can go literally anywhere - take her on a shopping trip, out for lunch, to the theatre or even just a walk in the park if the weather's nice.

2. An experience 
Why not give your mum a gift certificate for something she'll enjoy such as a spa day, yoga retreat, cookery class, massage or makeover. You could even go with her and make it a way to spend that quality time together. This year I'm taking my mum on a Segway experience (she's sixty going on twenty).

3. Fitness equipment
If your mum's a bit of a fitness fanatic, why not buy her some new workout clothing like a pair of trainers or a new sports bra. If you want to splash the cash a little, you could even get her a fitness tracker such as a Garmin or Fitbit.

4. Fruit basket
This is the ultimate healthy present. You could either make one yourself by buying a basket and filling it to the brim with a variety of her favourite fruits, or order one premade online (which will be more expensive). They look very impressive with all the vibrant colours.

5. Healthy cookbook
If your mum enjoys cooking and baking, buy a book full of healthy recipes for her to try. You could even make some of the recipes together. Two of my favourites are Deliciously Ella with Friends by Ella Mills and Superfood Family Classics by Jamie Oliver.

6. Herb garden kit
A herb garden kit is the perfect present for a mum with green fingers. She can grow herbs in her own back garden or even on the windowsill, and have a healthy way to flavour her meals throughout the whole summer. Buy a kit online or get a few packets of seeds from your local garden centre and present them to her in a flowerpot or trough. Stick a bow on the top to make it look more fancy!

7. Chocolate strawberries
I made the chocolate strawberries pictured above for my mum last Mother's Day and they went down a treat. They're so simple to make: just melt some dark chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water and dip the strawberries in one by one. Then, if you want, roll some of them in desiccated coconut (like I did) or chopped nuts to add more flavour. Lie the strawberries on some greaseproof paper and chill in the fridge until the chocolate turns hard.

8. Subscription
Sign her up for a year's supply of a healthy subscription box or magazine. This is the gift that keeps on giving as she'll have something to look forward to every single month.

9. Homemade dinner
Spoil your mother by cooking her a nice meal from scratch, with all the trimmings. That's a starter, main course and dessert. Surely that's not too much effort to make for someone who gave birth to you! If you're really not that great in the kitchen and cooking for your mum would make her think you're trying to bump her off, take her out to a posh restaurant instead and pick up the entire cheque.

10. Pamper hamper
Another present you can make yourself. Get hold of a basket (or even a box) and fill it with lots of treats to help Mum relax. Some ideas would be bubble bath, a face mask, body lotion, chocolate, a novel, scented candles and essential oils.

What will you be giving your mum this Mother's Day?

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