33 Blog Post Ideas for Health & Fitness Bloggers

In a recent Twitter poll I ran, most people said that their biggest challenge in blogging was coming up with new ideas. And while I'm always seeing '20 Blog Post Ideas' posts popping up in my feed, most of these are beauty or fashion focused so not many of the ideas are relevant to me. So I decided it was time to sit down and compile my own list of blog post ideas for us health and fitness bloggers. Here are 33 to get you started...feel free to use as many as you want!

1. Write about an event you've attended (fitness class, blogger meet-up etc)

2. Review some healthy food or a fitness product

3. Go through your workout routine step-by-step

4. Do a Day in the Life post

5. Or a What I Eat in a Day post

6. Share a recipe of your favourite healthy meal/dessert

7. A personal story such as any health issues you've overcome

8. Write about your favourite memory from P.E. lessons or school sports day

9. A post about your role model and why you admire them

10. Recommend your favourite health & fitness apps/DVDs/magazines/websites

11. An opinion piece on a recent news article or TV show

12. Workout tips and tricks

13. Debunk some health and fitness myths that really annoy you

14. Interview another health blogger/nutritionist/fitness professional

15. Host a giveaway

16. If you're always being asked the same questions, write an FAQ post answering as many as you can

17. Do a Monthly Favourites post where you round up your best products/blogs of the month

18. Write a Goals post - what do you hope to accomplish this week/month/year?

19. Write about how you think nutrition and fitness advice has changed over the years

20. Instead of writing a post, film yourself talking about a certain subject

21. Write about a charity or non-profit organisation you support

22. Gift ideas for fitness fanatics

23. Write about a popular diet or health fad and what you think about it

24. Explain some health and fitness jargon in layman's terms

25. Let another blogger guest post on your site

26. Do a tag post (or start your own)

27. Write about the health benefits of a certain food

28. Tell people about your favourite fitness YouTubers/Instagrammers

29. List some good health and fitness resources

30. Do a haul post of any new fitness equipment, clothing or healthy products you've recently purchased

31. Write about different countries' and cultures' diets and eating habits

32. Talk about why you love a certain sport or activity

33. Talk about why you eat a certain way how it has benefited your life.

I hope this list was helpful and gave you a few ideas for your health and fitness blog posts! Is there anything you would add?

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