Product Review: Naturelle Cosmetics Royal Coffee Scrub

It's not often you'll find me reviewing a 'beauty' product on my blog, but there were so many reasons I wanted to try this body scrub by Naturelle Cosmetics. Mainly the fact that it's made of coffee. I love coffee.

Being into health and wellness, I know the importance of only putting natural products both into your body and onto your skin. What I love about Naturelle Cosmetics is that all their products are 100% natural and organic - they don't contain any harsh chemicals, parabens, carcinogens, preservatives, GMOs or artificial colourants or fragrances, making them superior to most mainstream beauty products. They're cruelty free too, so it's a win/win.

The royal coffee scrub comes in six different 'flavours' (but unfortunately you can't eat them, no matter how much you'll want to): chocolate orange, cinnamon vanilla, coconut, lavender mint, ylang ylang and the one I was sent: tea tree. 

Opening the bag and looking inside, I was hit by the unmistakable aroma of tea tree oil and the fact that I was about to rub coffee grounds all over myself. It was a weird feeling but I couldn't wait to get started and see what it was like.

I have to admit that it was a very messy experience, so don't get out of the shower to apply it like I did - or you'll end up with coffee scrub all over your bathroom. Like I did.

When I'd applied the scrub all over, I looked like I was covered in mud (which I often am, to be fair). It was a great exfoliator and washed off easily enough, leaving me feeling refreshed and invigorated - probably due to the properties in the coffee and tea tree - and my whole body felt soft and smooth, which I guess was from a combination of the jojoba oil, avocado oil and almond seed; other ingredients found in the scrub. There was definitely no need to apply a moisturiser afterwards. The smell didn't linger on my skin for too long, although I wouldn't have minded if it had.

I'd recommend using this in the morning if you have time; it will really help to wake your body up. It would also be perfect for your post-workout shower - you'll already be on an endorphin high and this will make you feel even better.

At £9.95 for a 200g bag, Naturelle Cosmetics Royal Coffee Scrub is reasonably priced for an organic, natural, healthy product and offers the kind of coffee experience that you'd never get from Starbucks.

Thanks to Naturelle Cosmetics for sending me a royal coffee scrub to review. If you have a health, fitness or nutrition related product you'd like me to review, please email me at I will aim to post my review within a week of receiving and testing your product and will always give my honest opinion.

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