5 Things I Hate About the Health & Fitness Industry

I recently read a blog post called Six Things I Hate About the Dieting and Fitness Industries by fellow health blogger Karen Oliver and it really struck a chord with me. Not only did I agree with all the things Karen mentioned in her post, it got me thinking about everything that irks me about these industries.

So, in no particular order, here are my top five things I hate about the health and fitness industry:

1. Fad diets
The word 'diet' should not still exist in 2017. Unless you're saying "I have a varied diet" or "I eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals", it shouldn't really be a part of your vocabulary. Most people nowadays realise that there are no quick fixes and the best way to lose weight is just to eat healthy foods and exercise - yet year after year, more and more crazy diets are emerging and people are still being taken in by them. Diet culture is something which needs to stop!

2. Fitspiration
In an old post entitled Why Fitspiration is Anything But I wrote about why I think the 'fitspo' trend sweeping social media is anything but inspirational. The focus is too much on aesthetics over health, and for most people, comparing their bodies to someone else's they've seen on social media just makes them feel worse about themselves. We should work out to feel great and make our bodies stronger, not to look like someone we've seen on Instagram (who has probably photoshopped their picture anyway).

3. Detox teas
...and the word 'detox' in general. Karen mentioned this one in her post but it's one I also feel strongly about. I've previously written a post about the dangers of teatoxes but I had to include it here too. There is no need to detox - you have a liver for a reason - and these companies are making a lot of money from people looking to lose weight and be healthier, and ultimately doing their bodies more harm than good. Steer well clear!

4. Constant misinformation
Or should we call it 'fake news'? There's so much conflicting advice out there when it comes to nutrition and fitness that it's difficult for someone new to it all to know what to believe. This could, of course, have something to do with the following point...

5. Lack of regulation
Unlike 'dietician', the term 'nutritionist' is not protected in the UK - therefore anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, regardless of whether they have any qualifications or experience. The problem is even worse online. It seems that you just need to be a fresh-faced twentysomething with a hot body to be qualified to dish out fitness and nutrition advice, and thousands of people (mainly impressionable teens) will follow you in droves and hang on your every word. Please think about what you're doing before you start messing with people's health and ultimately their lives.

What drives you crazy about the health and fitness industry? Let me know in the comments!

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