Eight Ways to Get Fit on a Budget

Have you been meaning to get your health and fitness on track but can't afford a costly gym membership? If so, you'll be happy to hear that expensive equipment, clothes and classes aren't essential and it is possible to get toned on a budget. Here's how:

1. Exercise outside. Now the weather's getting better you've got no excuse! You can run the streets or do cartwheels in the park – it's entirely up to you. There are so many benefits to exercising outdoors including getting fresh air into your lungs and increased vitamin D and serotonin levels, to name a few. Try working out with a friend for increased motivation.

2. Don't spend money on workout DVDs. Whatever you're into, whether it's yoga, kickboxing, zumba or HIIT, there are hundreds of videos you can watch for free on YouTube.

3. The same goes for books. If you like to read about health and fitness, check out your local library or charity shop instead of buying pricey hardbacks.

4. Buy workout gear and equipment on sites like eBay and Preloved. It probably won't be brand new, but you'll find it for a fraction of the price you'd normally pay.

5. Also check out your local pound shop/dollar store. I know that in the UK, Poundland sell a range of fitness gear, from skipping ropes to free weights to protein bars and shakes, all for £1.

6. Do exercises that use your own body weight. Some examples include push-ups, tricep dips, planks, crunches, lunges and calf raises, but there are so many more and it's free to Google them!

7. Drink water. It's so good for you and doesn't cost a thing. Far better than wasting your money on sugar-laden sodas which only harm your body.

8. Take the opportunity to exercise wherever you can. Walk or cycle instead of driving, take the stairs instead of the lift or do some kegels in the supermarket! Use your imagination.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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