Product Review: Eat Grub Cricket Protein Energy Bars

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So...I was recently offered the chance to eat insects.

Challenge accepted!

Eat Grub are a range of energy bars with a difference...they're made with cricket protein. Yes, that means protein from crickets. Like Jiminy. I like to think I'll try anything once, so even though I was a little nervous at the idea of eating insects, I was definitely prepared to give it a go.

As I bit into the first bar, I was half expecting to get a leg or something stuck between my teeth. Luckily the crickets are completely ground into powder so there's no chance of finding any creepy crawlies in your food - and if you didn't know that they contained crickets, you'd have no idea. They come in two flavours - coconut & cacao and cranberry & orange - and taste just like normal confectionery bars. Thank God for that!

You might be wondering why anyone would want to eat crickets in the first place. Well, it's better for the environment, for a start - it's a more sustainable source of protein than beef, chicken, pork or any other kind of meat. For example, to produce just 10 grams of beef takes 6 units of feed and 442 litres of water, while 10g of cricket protein needs just 0.5 units of feed and 34 units of water - that's quite a significant difference. About 2 billion people around the world regularly eat insects as their main form of protein.

Eat Grub bars combine the goodness of cricket protein with fruit, berries, seeds and oat bran for a satisfying snack. They contain 12% protein per 36g bar, are gluten free and have no added sugar. Plus they are genuinely delicious. I thought the coconut cacao one would be my favourite (as that's my kind of thing) but I was surprised to find I liked the cranberry orange one even more. These bars have definitely opened my eyes to the world of entomophagy (i.e. insect eating) and I'll be spreading the word to my friends and family. While I'm not brave enough to bite the head off a witchety grub, I'm a Celebrity-style yet, these bars are a good starting point.

If you enjoy the bars and are a little more hardcore than me, you can check out Eat Grub's website where you can try out some of their recipes such as spicy grasshoppers with beansprouts, buffalo worm macaroni cheese or cricket & mushroom stroganoff. I kid you not.

*It's worth noting that if you're allergic to shellfish, you may also be allergic to insects.*

Thanks to Laura at Eat Grub for sending me some cricket protein bars to review. If you have a health, fitness or nutrition related product you'd like me to review, please email me at I will aim to post my review within a week of receiving and testing your product and will always give my honest opinion.

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