My Favourite Healthy Twitter Accounts

Twitter has always been my favourite social network and I spend way too much time on there. (Actually, before Twitter existed, I was really into Myspace...but let's not go there). Sure, Instagram has pretty pictures - but, being a writer, I've always had a thing for words. I like the challenge of trying to fit something meaningful into 140 characters and being able to keep up with world events without turning on the news.

I especially enjoy getting health and fitness news from Twitter. So, I thought I'd share seven of my favourite accounts with you today. You can click the name of the account to be taken to their Twitter page.

1. MindBodyGreen
The MindBodyGreen Twitter account posts links to articles on their website, all health and wellness related and (most of the time) really interesting or thought provoking.

2. Healthy Food
This account posts photos of healthy food and drink, which are motivating to look at and can give you some motivation to eat healthily, as well as ideas for dishes of your own.

3. Healthy Magazine
This is the Twitter account for the UK magazine Healthy. It tweets health and wellbeing tips and links to articles. There's also an account for the men's mag Healthy for Men.

4. Innocent Drinks
Yes, the smoothie company. Not only do I love their drinks, but I find their Twitter feed pretty cool too. It's a commentary of witty and relevant tweets guaranteed to make you smile.

5. The Long View
I've only just discovered this account, but I love their no-nonsense, common sense health and fitness tips.

6. #FitBunniesChat
The Fit Bunnies Chat account retweets health and fitness blogs and also holds fun, fitness-related Twitter chats every Sunday at 6pm BST.

7. Health Blogger RTs
How could I leave out my own account? I created this Twitter RT account to bring health & fitness bloggers together by retweeting links to your blog posts - and I've connected with some amazing bloggers through it. If you want to be involved, simply follow and tweet your health and fitness blog post links to @HealthBlogRT for a RT. It's a fantastic way to get noticed and to find other great blogs to read.

What are your favourite healthy Twitter accounts? Let me know in the comments!

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