Seven Things I Hate About Autumn/Winter

Everyone seems to love this time of year and I don't know why. I always see people tweeting about how great autumn and winter are and I just don't get it. I've never liked this time of year, for various reasons, and I wanted to share them with you. For those of you who love A/W, this may give you another perspective, and for anyone like me who becomes a Grinch from about October onwards, know that you're not alone!

1. I hate being cold.
I can't stand the cold weather and I'm one of those people who's constantly freezing. I'm currently sitting here with the heating on and wearing thermal socks, and I'm still shivering. In the summer, when everyone's complaining about the heat, I'm in my element. I love sitting in the sun, basking in its warmth with a good book and a cold drink.

2. I hate the long, dark nights.
Lately I've been forced to close the curtains at 4pm because the sun has gone in, and by 4:30 it feels like about 8 o'clock. Bring back the days when it's light until after 9pm, please.

3. I hate the cold, dark mornings.
Eurgh. It's so much easier to get out of bed in the summer when it's already light and sunny out. Trying to drag myself out of my warm bed in the middle of winter when it's still cold and dark (to then go and scrape the ice off my car) is one of the worst things ever.

4. I hate wearing a coat.
Wearing lots of layers and a big chunky coat as well as a hat, scarf and gloves feels really restrictive to me. I prefer wearing fewer, lighter clothes and I can't really do that right now!

5. I hate the leaves everywhere.
It's not the leaves themselves I hate; it's what they signify. Seeing them turn brown and fall off the trees, leaving the branches sparse and bare just makes me think of death.

6. I hate feeling SAD.
I suffer from seasonal affective disorder so my mood always drops at this time of year. It's probably a mixture of the lack of natural sunlight and not being outside as much because come spring with its longer, warmer days and stronger sunshine, I start feeling better again.

7. I hate the crowds.
I'm not keen on shopping anyway, but trying to do even the food shop this time of year when the supermarkets and shopping centres are full of people panic-buying Christmas presents and decorations is just so stressful. There's no parking spaces left, the queues for the tills are like 50 miles long, there are too many people to move around comfortably and everyone's at the end of their tether. I'd rather just stay at home and do it all online.

Before you think I'm a total misery, I have to admit there are a few things I do enjoy about this time of year. I always look forward to Costa Coffee's black forest hot chocolate, for one. I also like going on long nature walks (despite the cold) and then coming back to a warm house and a nice hot cup of green tea. And I love cooking – while summer is all about salads, winter gives me a chance to whip up deliciously warming soups, stews and other comfort-food meals. Oh, and I also like the snow - there's something magical and peaceful about the white blanket it throws over the world (until it starts melting and makes it difficult to drive). So it's not all bad.

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