Product Review: Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup

I've always wanted to try a menstrual cup. Not only are they better for both your body and the environment, they're a money saver, too. No more buying tampons or towels month after month.
Did you know that the average woman will use over 11,000 disposable sanitary products in her lifetime, all of which end up either in landfill or the sea? Since becoming a minimalist, I've become much more environmentally aware and interested in the zero waste movement. The Enna Cycle menstrual cup is a perfect way to reduce my waste because it can last for up to 10 years, is made with eco-friendly medical grade silicone and can be sterilised and re-used again and again.
I was pleased to find that Enna Cycle comes with an applicator for easy insertion and a silicone string to help you locate the cup once it's inside. Each pack includes two cups which ensures you always have a clean one ready to use, and a small box in which to sterilise and store the cups. It's also worth noting that the cup is available in three different sizes - small, medium and large. Which size you need will depend on a number of factors including your age, size and whether or not you've had children.
I found the cup to be pretty easy to insert and take out again, once I'd got the hang of it. The first few times were a little fiddly but there's definitely a knack and once you've cracked it, you're good to go. I have heavy periods and I found it to hold a lot more blood than tampons, which meant I could go longer between changes. I had no leakages and found it really comfortable to wear - in fact, I couldn't feel it at all. I'll be using it every month from now on.
A pro tip would be to get used to the cup at home first - practise taking it in and out and wear it around the house to make sure you're confident with it before venturing out for the day or wearing it to work, meaning you'll have to change it in a public toilet.
If you've been thinking about making the switch from tampons and towels to a menstrual cup, I'd definitely encourage you to give it a go. Enna Cycle costs £24.95 and is available from  

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