The BEST Way to Meet New Workout Buddies*

It's always better to exercise with a friend. Whether it's someone to spot for you while you bench press or offer moral support when you're training for that 5k, studies have shown that having a workout partner can significantly improve your performance.

That's why I love Pal, a free app for both iPhone and Android which lets you find like-minded people and make new friends by joining activities happening around your area or creating your own event.

You can browse the app for something you're interested in and join in on the conversation with others who are attending. Or post your own request and see who applies. It's completely safe as you can specify exactly who you want to be contacted by - just make sure, as with meeting anyone for the first time, you use common sense and do so in a public place and tell someone where you're going.

Pal isn't only for finding workout buddies, though. If you just want to meet new people for a coffee or organise a mums' day out, you can do all this and more. Whatever you're interested in, you're sure to find others who are too. It's easy to make new pals when you have the Pal app!

Want to know more? You can watch a short video about Pal here or visit the website to download the app and get started.

*This is a sponsored post. All words, advice and opinions are my own.

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