How to Manage Your Blogging Time Effectively

Do you struggle to stay organised when it comes to your blog? Maybe it's just that you need to plan your time a little better. Most bloggers don't blog full-time and have other commitments, such as work, uni or young children - the list goes on and differs from person to person. We don't always get as much time for blogging as we'd like, so when we do, it's important to spend that time effectively to maximise our productivity. Here are my five tips to help you do just that.

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1. Set aside some planning time each week
For me, Sunday is the best day to do this, but pick a day that works for you and sit down for an hour or so to plan your blogging week. This time could be used for coming up with ideas for posts, blocking out time slots to devote to blogging and writing down anything else you want to get done for your blog in the coming week. 

2. Figure out your goals

What do you want to achieve? It could be publishing two new posts per week, growing your email list or taking photos for all your upcoming posts. Work out what you want to do and write it all down.

3. Prioritise your tasks
Once you've written down the things you need to do, it's important to get the most important things done first. Make a list of your tasks, from the most to least important and complete them in order. Crossing things off a list one by one has to be one of the most satisfying things ever. 

4. Keep a planner/diary
My favourite way to keep track of my blog is by using a planner. You could also use a spreadsheet on your computer, but I prefer the old fashioned pen and paper method. Your planner can be used to jot down ideas for posts, allocate time slots to different tasks (e.g. taking photos, scheduling tweets), figure out which days you want to publish certain posts and generally get your blogging life in order. 

5. Keep notes 
As well as a planner or diary, it's handy to keep a blog notebook around to scribble ideas down as they come to you. If you suddenly think of a great title or premise for a blog post, note it down to refer back to later. You can also use the notes app on your phone for this task - this is especially great when you're out and about and don't want to forget your idea before you get a chance to write it down. If I don't record things as they come to me I inevitably end up forgetting them.

How do you plan your blogging time? Are you meticulously organised or do you just blog whenever you feel inspired?

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