The Best and Worst Social Media Platforms for Bloggers in 2019

Three years ago I wrote a blog post offering my opinions on the most popular social media platforms at the time. That post had a lot of interest and I was recently reading through it with a view to updating it (SEO, new pics and all that) but realised that it's pretty outdated now and can't really be salvaged without a complete rewrite. 

Instead of changing that post, I've decided to leave it there as a reminder of how quickly times change and things move on online and write a whole new post with my current opinions on the main social sites and apps. I've included all the ones I wrote about before, even those which are pretty much obsolete now, just to show how things have changed in the past few years.

Some affiliate links have been used in this post, meaning that if you purchase anything through one of my links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Twitter is still my favourite social media platform. I've been on there for ten years now and still enjoy it. I've met so many amazing people through Twitter over the years, both bloggers and non-bloggers, and hope that I'll continue to do so for a good few years yet. I still promote my blog posts on there and make use of RT accounts to help me with promo. Twitter is my second biggest referrer for blog traffic (you'll find out the first later in this post) so I love it for that as well as the social aspect. 

Oh, Instagram. The platform we all love to hate. In recent years it's been harder for bloggers to grow on there, with the algorithm only showing your pictures to a small proportion of your followers and the sheer volume of people playing the follow/unfollow game. I follow people because I want to see their content, so I'd appreciate it if Insta actually showed it to me. I'm also not convinced that Instagram is particularly good for generating blog traffic, because I hardly ever 'swipe up' on someone's story or go to their profile and click on the link to their blog (we're still not able to have clickable links in photo captions, wtf) and I don't see Instagram pop up as a referrer in my Google Analytics much. Personally I use Insta more as a personal account, to post pictures of my food or places I've been and to engage with other people's photos, rather than using it to promote my blog.

I'd love to know your thoughts on Instagram. Do you get many click-throughs to your site from there? 

I think BlogLovin' is becoming less and less popular with bloggers nowadays. I personally don't go on there much anymore. My blog posts still automatically show up on there when I publish them and I get a bit of traffic from that, but it's not my go-to place to read blogs from anymore so I understand that other bloggers are probably the same and that's why my traffic from BL has slowly been dropping over the last few years. I'm not sure how much longer it'll last as a platform so I wouldn't even suggest new bloggers bother about creating an account, because it probably won't provide much value to your site. Or maybe it will - everyone's different.

Still hate Facebook. In fact I don't even have an account anymore. Well, I deactivated it which means I can log in at any point and my profile would still be there, but I can't remember the last time I did so. When I was on FB I joined a few blogging groups but didn't find them very helpful - they were mainly full of people just promoting their own content and not interacting (and I like interaction and building relationships). I know a lot of people will disagree with me about Facebook because they get tonnes of traffic from there, but I don't find it useful for growing my blog, and I'm not interested in what people from school who I haven't seen for 20 years, my ex from 10 years ago and family I've never met but thought it appropriate to add me anyway, are up to now.

Not a very useful platform either - it never really took off, did it? I still share my blog posts on there whenever I upload and get a small amount of views from doing so, but I don't go on there to read other content or to chat - it's always like a ghost town.

Blogging Communities
I don't use blogging communities anymore but I'm including them here because I raved about them back in 2016 and wanted to show how different things are now. My two favourites at the time were Health Bloggers Community and UK Bloggers. HBC had a forum which was great because I could chat with other health and fitness bloggers and share each other's posts. Unfortunately the forum part of the site shut down and moved to a Facebook group (damn you, Facebook) so that was that. I'm not sure if the UK Bloggers site still exists and I can't even be bothered to check; that's how indifferent I am about communities now.

Pinterest wasn't included in my previous list because I had no idea how to use it at the time - in fact, I only learnt Pinterest properly about halfway through 2018. I'm so glad I finally took the time to learn it because I now get so much blog traffic from there, it beats all the other platforms combined. About 70-80% of my views now come from Pinterest in just a few months of utilising it properly and I don't know how I ever lived without it. It definitely takes a little work upfront but the time investment is so worth it. I used this course to crack Pinterest and it was the best money I ever spent (it wasn't even expensive). 

What are your favourite and least favourite social media platforms? Do you agree or disagree with any of my opinions? Let me know down in the comments.

You can read my original post The Best and Worst Social Media Platforms for Bloggers from January 2016 if you fancy a bit of a laugh or to see how much has changed on social media in the past three years.

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  1. Wow, that is amazing that 70-80% of your views come from Pinterest! I'd love to read a post on your tips and tricks sometime :) I'm still learning how to use it properly for blogging, it seems to be the toughest one to get the hang of. I totally agree with you on Instagram, it doesn't seem to generate much traffic for me either. But wow, 10 years on Twitter! I'm glad you are still enjoying it :) I find it to be the most supportive place out of all the platforms. Thanks for sharing Nicola, really interest post! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  2. What a fantastic, helpful post Nic! I particularly adore Pinterest as I've been using it for my own pleasure for so many years but it's also incidentally my biggest source of traffic to my blog too! xx

  3. I think everyone has a love hate relationship with Instagram. I get a few views per month from Insta but it's not a huge amount. It's just so hard to grow a big following that engage with your posts. Pinterest is a huge source of traffic for my blog too - not quite 80% yet though. Your hard work has clearly paid off Nicola!

    Eve |

  4. I agree with a lot of these, I lobs Twitter it’s probably one of my favourites, I love how you can interact with other bloggers the most. I also have a love hate relationship with Instagram too! Great post x

  5. Twitter is always my favourite platform. I love Instagram but I don't really focus on numbers or anything anymore - I just use it for fun and any extra followers is a bonus. Same goes for Pinterest really. I use it because I LOVE it. BlogLovin... I don't think I've checked my BL account for 3 years haha!


  6. Hey Nic! The only platforms I care for when it comes to promoting blog posts are Pinterest and Twitter. I use Instagram to engage through common interests in photos. I am still trying to figure out Pinterest for blog traffic without having to pay for it because I don't have a job yet😂 Thanks for the fresh update 👌🏾

    Natonya |

  7. I agree with a lot of this. I made a bloglovin with my first blog back in 2017 because it was so talked about but I never saw any traffic from it. I never saw what the hype was about.

  8. This post was so reassuring to me! I've often wondered - is it just me who hates Facebook? Is it just me who can't figure out Pinterest? And is it just me who LOVES Twitter the most? This was a great post for me to read right now as I'm trying to prioritize the precious time I have to blog and be present on social media. Perhaps a Pinterest course is in my near future!
    Thanks so much,
    Joan Senio
    My Best Friend Adeline

  9. That’s great that you have got all those views through Pinterest. I do not use Facebook for my blog, I don’t know whether I should or not. I only currently have a private Facebook page. Instagram, I am finding so hard to build on. Twitter is where I get most of my blog traffic from. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the different platforms.
    Lauren x |

  10. I agree that Pinterest is really where it's at for conversion heading into 2019. I'm sad to read about your experience with blogging groups on Facebook though. I've had the opportunity to connect with some amazing groups on there where everyone is genuinely looking to answer one another and support each other. That being said, I've also come across some that meet your description... I guess we just need to remember that there's good and bad in everything.
    Britt |

  11. Great post! I struggle with Pinterest and J may have to do the course. I agree with what you say about Twitter too!

  12. I agree with you on everything. My 2 favorites are Pinterest and Twitter, and I have very little patience or interest in the others.I concentrate on those to avoid being overwhelmed and put off. Facebook groups lost it's the appeal for me mostly other then Ell's group which I love.

  13. I agree with you about Twitter being a great platform for sharing posts! I missed out for years and barely got on board with sharing my posts on Twitter. THOSE BLOG POST THREADS make a big difference. I hate the follow/unfollow game. Such a waste of time. You're right about Blogloving being less popular these days. They became a bit too greedy and the user experience hasn't been the same. Google+ never took off like it was intended for.

    Nancy ♥

  14. That's a very interesting list. I have actually just this month decided to stop using Instagram for my blog, for a few reasons, among others the fact that it's time consuming and that you can't place links in your posts.
    I've slowly starting to learn how to use pinterest and hope that'll help me grow :D

  15. I have started to detest instagram as well. I mean what even is the point of following someone if you can't even see their posts?!? I like things because I like an image, I want to genuinely engage and not like something because I need to like it (to keep the person on my feed). My fave sites are probably twitter and pinterest at the moment :)

    Laura /

  16. Nice!! Instagram has never been much help for me - some people have great luck and others (like me) have hardly none. I never even knew about bloglovin - I'm so behind! haha

  17. This is super interesting - and I am finding the same with Pinterest now too. Now that I am putting the time in to using it properly, I am noticing a lot of my views coming from there now.

  18. Twitter is for sure a winner in my books so far! I've heard a lot about Pinterest being the best and am slowly trying to figure it out - I'll have to check that course out!
    - Sugisays

  19. The majority of my traffic comes from Twitter or Bloglovin', so it's interesting to hear that you don't get much from the latter. I tend to use Instagram as a more personal account too where I share photos from my life rather than promote my blog through it. I haven't cracked Pinterest yet so I'd love some posts about you're experiences with it.

  20. I do agree with everything you said about the blogging platforms. Twitter for me always has the most authentic engagement but Facebook gives me a whole lot more traffic. Instagram is still a pain and it is only worth it with you have fabulous photos which may increase followers.

  21. Its funny how quickly things change. Pinterest is a game changer for blog traffic now and all the other platforms seem to be falling behind. Great post, thanks for sharing =)
    Hayley x

  22. My favourite social media platform is definitely Twitter, I did have a blog Instagram but I deleted it in the end because it wasn't generating traffic and I got sick of people playing the follow/unfollow game so I just have my personal one and another one to share Disney photos! I'll definitely look into that course because one of my goals for this year was to understand how to make Pinterest work to create blog traffic. Great post!

    Jess //

  23. I totally agree with Instagram! I find it pretty useless for traffic. I post a screenshot of my blog post, and people like it but don't check out the actual post. This was a really informative post!

  24. I agree with you on Instagram, definitely NOT a fave of mine. I do a bit on Pinterest, need to put more focus there. I just joined Twitter in the fall and it is now my favorite platform! Thanks for sharing!

  25. I seriously need to get better at Pinterest! I agree with pretty much everything you have said about the platforms though! Great post!

  26. For me, I tend to concentrate on platforms that brings me the most results. Twitter, and Facebook for now are my favorite and drive most of the traffic to my blog.

  27. I personally adore twitter and use it all of the time for my blog. Instagram can be helpful somewhat too. 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

  28. I have not tried pinterest. I will have to check it out now. Thanks

  29. great post! it's crazy how fast social media changes and evolves into something totally new. I have I think a social media site in just about everything for my blog. some I like to use more as a personal one that also promotes my blog others are strictly for blog purposes. I really enjoy pinterest, I notice that it really does help get traffic to my site. I just need to be better about staying on top of it. it's really amazing how much we are able to grow as bloggers thanks to social media. xx

    mich /

  30. I get most of my traffic from Facebook but it's hard to grow my account any further unless other followers share it out.

  31. This post was super interesting to read; I have so many opinions about different social media websites and their usefulness for bloggers, and it was so enlightening to see someone who agreed with me. I used to take Instagram seriously for blogging, but it did nothing; in fact, last year, I only had 160 click throughs from the site. Now, I use it pretty much for personal reasons, like you said, prefering to catch up with others and post on my stories as opposed to publishing new content on my grid. Pinterest is the winner for me in terms of traffic, too; it's such a good platform! One of my viral pins completely died off recently so I've lost a little bit of traffic from that, but I'm hoping consistency and hard work will pay off and get things back up in no time!

    Rebekah Gillian |

  32. Twitter is by far my favorite social media platform - it’s perfect for interacting with people! Instagram is the platform I need to work a bit more on - I promote my posts from time to time, but tend to use it more for photos for running (workout for the day etc.) and a sprinkle of other things!

    I used to have a BlogLovin’ but then something happened with their interface where they would claim the content as theirs (very confusing explanation, It was a glitch I think) I ended up contacting them to delete my account during then.

    Google+ is actually going to be no more! In March I believe, it’s just going to go poof! I’ve started using Pinterest a bit, but not for my blog just yet!


  33. I a'm totally agree with you dear. Great post.


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