Seven Ways to Simplify Your Life

Who couldn't do with more time? We all have hectic lives and it can seem that we're always running from place to place without ever actually getting anything accomplished. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and reassess what's really important. Most people dream of living a simple life with less stress – I know I do. So here are seven ways I've found to help you simplify your life.

1. Declutter your living space. 
The best way to simplify your life is to simplify your surroundings – a tidy home equals a tidy mind, and no-one can live their best life while they're surrounded by piles of clutter. Start with just one room, throw (or give) away anything you don't really need and put everything else away tidily. Once all the clutter is gone, you'll instantly notice the positive difference it brings to your life.

2. Say NO more. 
You don't have to accept every invitation you receive. Learn to start turning down appointments and events you don't really want to attend and spend some quality time alone or with your family. Read a book, have a hot bath, indulge in a hobby – whatever makes you feel good and helps you to relax.

3. Plan your meals. 
Planning your dinners for the week ahead and buying the ingredients in advance will save you time and money in the long run, and stop you from ordering that unhealthy takeaway when you get home from work starving and there's nothing in the fridge. You could even prep some of the meals and keep them in the freezer for convenience. Read my meal planning post here.

4. Delete online clutter. 
You see those 852 unread emails sitting in your inbox? Delete them. No, you're never going to get around to reading them. And while you're at it, turn off your phone notifications – you don't need to know every time one of your friends updates their Facebook status or likes your tweet; you'll see that next time you log in. You could also try deleting a couple of social media sites that waste a lot of your time without adding any value to your life.

5. Work out regularly. 
It's not only good for the body, but will help to alleviate any mental clutter too. It's even better if you can exercise outside in nature. Even just a brisk 10-15 minute walk in the park will clear your head and make you feel so much better.

6. Stop multitasking. 
I probably need to take my own advice here. Concentrate on one task at a time and see it through to the end before moving on to the next. You'll get much more done this way than if you try to juggle several things at once.

7. Learn to let go. 
Stop worrying about things you can't change and obsessing over every possible outcome of a situation. Be in the moment; put your phone away while you're out with friends or take up a new hobby that you can completely lose yourself in. Practise mindfulness. Meditation could help with this – there are literally hundreds of guided meditations on YouTube to get you started.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Leave your tips in the comments below!

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