Five Things I Don't Own As a Minimalist (and Five Things I Do)

Everyone has a different definition of the word 'minimalism'. For me, minimalism is about only owning things I need - I don't like clutter and I don't like excess. Some people may think I'm weird (or poor) because I don't own basic things that most others take for granted, but I see little point in cluttering up my home with stuff I never use, just because society thinks it's 'the norm'.

Want to know what I choose to forego? Here are five things I have never owned as an adult:

1. Microwave
There are two reasons why I don't own a microwave. The first is that we have a small kitchen and there's just no room for bulky appliances. The second is that we like to cook our meals from scratch - we don't buy ready meals and would rarely use a microwave, which means it'd just be taking up valuable space. Granted, microwaves offer the convenience factor, but anything that can be cooked in a microwave can be cooked in an oven. It may take a little longer but in my opinion it'll taste better anyway, and I won't have to clean a microwave as well as the cooker!

2. Dishwasher
Even if I had the space, I wouldn't want a dishwasher. There are only two of us and we wash our dishes as soon as we use them, not letting them pile up. Besides, I don't think we own enough dishes to fill an entire machine.

3. Tumble dryer
Before you start thinking I'm completely primitive, I do own a washing machine. A tumble dryer, however, is something we can live without. If we had a bigger house, I might consider buying one - it'd save having to hang our clothes up indoors when the weather's bad and I love the feel of towels which have been tumble dried and are all soft and fluffy, but for now, we make do.

4. Ironing board
I never iron. Never. I just hang my clothes up as soon as I've washed them and don't actually care if there are a few wrinkles left. We do have an iron, though. If I lived alone I'd give it away, but sometimes my husband needs to iron a shirt for work so we keep it. Instead of an ironing board, he just has to use the table with a towel laid over it.

5. Plants/Flowers
I seem to have a special talent for killing any plants that enter my home. I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong. Because of this extraordinary trait, I have decided to banish all plants from the house. 

And here are five things I do still own...

1. Car
This is probably my biggest expense, what with buying petrol, insurance, car tax and getting it MOTed and serviced every year, but I need my car. I need it for work as well as for visiting friends and family, none of whom live close by. When I'm staying in the city, though, I try to use it as little as possible - most places are within walking distance.  

2. Bed
I see a lot of minimalists on YouTube who don't own a bed or just sleep on a mattress on the floor, and I was interested in trying this for myself. So a couple of years ago when our old bed broke (don't ask) and we got rid of it, we experimented by sleeping on the floor for a while before ordering a new one. It was fine but we decided that it wasn't for us in the long term as we both really preferred sleeping in a bed. Our bed now is very minimalist looking though, with a white frame and all white sheets and covers, and we love it (and appreciate it more after not having one for a while).

3. Hair straighteners
These are a necessity for me. My hair is naturally frizzy and I couldn't live without my GHDs to calm it down. I know they're not great for your hair but what's a girl to do? 

4. Kettle and toaster
I use both of these on a daily basis. The kettle, especially, gets used multiple times a day, whether it's for coffee, tea or just heating up water to cook with. I could probably get by without a kettle or toaster, but it'd just make my life harder and what's the point in suffering for the sake of suffering?

5. Sofa and armchair
I'm not such a dedicated minimalist that I forego all furniture and just sit on the floor, and I probably never will be. 

Is there anything you don't own that most people do? 

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