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This is a guest post by Johnny of Johnny's Traventures.

Trying to live a healthy lifestyle when away is a difficult habit to have. You're much more tempted to give into guilty pleasures - whether it's fast-food for takeaway or not going to the gym for a few days. There's always that rock-hard excuse of travelling to fall back on.

The tips you’re going to read up on are simpler than you think. Not much equipment or gadgets needed and most can end up helping you save you money on the side. You might actually be doing it without realising.

So here's the quick-fire tips that will keep you physically sharp, healthier and breaking a sweat or two.


First tip is still do some form of exercise. It's simple and obvious but what form of training is the best? Well bodyweight exercises is the simplest and quickest way to do that. Press-ups, lunges, squats and sit-ups are examples that you can do. Maybe do a few sets of a handful of them in the morning to start your day off. Walking instead of going on hop on hop off buses whilst sightseeing.

P.S. Don't forget to stretch before and after any moderate-high intensity exercises. Get yourself more mobile and less injury-prone.

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Prep your own food

Make homemade sandwiches to put in your luggage before going away. Buy food at local supermarket and cook and easy to make meal at your accommodation instead of eating out. When you're doing your own cooking or food prep you can decide what ingredients you want to include. You may want ingredients that are lower in fat, sugar, salt and calories if you're on a weight loss plan or more protein and carbs if you’re planning to bulk up in muscle and weight. All in all giving you more control over your diet.

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Make your itinerary more physically engaging

Include activities on your itinerary that forces you to be more active physically than sedentary and casual. For example, walking instead of going on hop on hop off buses whilst sightseeing. I always prefer walking tours to sightseeing buses as they're great, less-sedentary alternative to bus rides, plus you obviously get more time to take in what you're seeing.

Trails are a great shout also - particularly trails that involve you moving at a steep gradient if you're going up a hill as that places more demand on legs. Feeling more adventurous and on edge? Go for a light jog and explore the areas in a more active, unique way whilst getting your heart rate going.

Attend a local gym

If you must or really wanted to as a last resort to keep fit find a gym close to where you're staying. Get a 1-day gym pass or pay for individual fitness classes.

HIIT fitness classes are the best in this situation as they give you a full-body workout and is great for body conditioning. They're 30-45 mins straight so it's less time-consuming and won't take out a lot of time on your holiday. I've been in love with my Les Mills ones at my local gym for those reasons, even though if I won't be away on a trip often.

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Final Word
Getting out nutrition right and physical training when we're on travels can be done as long as you're willing to make the time and effort for it. What I'm trying to do with this post is give you ideas on how you can make that time and effort.

This post itself has been on the agenda for a while now. It wasn't till my blogging friends got me going again. Shoutout to Jen from JennasWorldView and Oli from thecococreativ for getting me to revisit the post when we went BlogCon. Their blog links are plugged into this paragraph.

Honestly knowing my background in health and fitness I'm surprised I haven't tackled it sooner.

Are you a traveller and a fitness enthusiast? If so what do you to stay active whilst travelling and - we're defo gonna be besties if we meet in person loool? Yeah anyway hope this post benefits your lifestyle in some kind of way!

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