My Blogging Goals for 2020 (and Beyond)

Last year around this time I published How I'm Planning to Take My Blog to the Next Level in 2019: a post sharing my blogging goals for the year (and let's just say, I didn't achieve many of them).

This year, however, I have new goals. In 2020, my goals will be less number-oriented and more focused on things I can directly control (for example, I'm not going to worry about number of social media followers. You can't make someone follow you on Twitter, and you definitely can't force them to stay. I'm just going to concentrate on posting good content and if people want to follow, great).

Here are my blogging goals for 2020:

1. Post consistently
This was my #1 goal last year and, if I'm honest, has been on my list every single year since I started this blog back in 2015 (case in point: my blogging goals for 2016). I've never been able to stick to it for long so I'm carrying this goal over into 2020. My plan is to commit to a posting schedule of publishing two posts per week - I'm thinking probably Sundays and Wednesdays (I know today is a Friday, but it's not 2020 yet. Shut up). 

I also want to post more consistently on social media, especially Instagram. I've definitely been using stories more this year but I need to focus on my feed, too. 

2. Increase my DA score
This is my only number-oriented goal for the coming year, but domain authority is pretty important to a blogger. My goal last year was to have a DA of 30 by now. Lol. That certainly didn't happen. 

When I wrote last year's post my DA was 22. I managed to get it up to 24, but then in March, Moz changed the way they calculate DA and a lot of people's dropped, including mine. It went down to 18, I managed to get it up to 19 but it's been stuck there for the past few months without budging. So my goal for the coming year is just to get it past 20. 

21 or 22 would be nice. 

3. Take blogging full-time
I can't believe I'm writing this on here where everyone can see it, but in the interest of being open and honest, I'm putting it out there that I want to be a full-time blogger and freelance writer. 

When I first started this blog almost five years ago, this wasn't my intention, although I always intended to make some money from it eventually. However, I now realise that blogging has the potential to generate enough income to replace a full-time job (as long as you treat it like one), so now, my aim for 2020 is to make enough money blogging and freelancing to give up my day job (or at least cut it down to a couple of days per week) and become self-employed.

Those are my blogging goals for 2020. I don't have many this year, but as you can see, the ones I do have are pretty serious and are going to require a lot of work. Wish me luck! 

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What are your blogging goals for 2020? Leave a comment letting me know what you're hoping to achieve.

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