Guest Post | Five Reasons to Shop Online with Small Businesses

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In the UK, we really like to shop. And we love to shop online. Shopping has been drastically impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us are moving our spending into the digital world more so now than ever before. Shopping online is a great way to support small businesses in the UK. Here are my 5 best reasons to shop online with small businesses.

1. The Personal Experience
When you shop with large high street brands, it can be an impersonal experience. Shopping small always comes with that personal touch. 

Small business owners love to chat with their customers. Shopping online makes this very easy as the seller is just a direct message away on their social media channels. They also are more readily available to provide bespoke advice and guidance. This means the customer gets exactly what they want and need.

2. Small Businesses and Product Quality 
Small businesses hold every product up to high standards. They have the time to craft each product to their expectations and nothing is mass produced. A huge amount of thought, skill and consideration goes into how the customer will receive their product. There is a network of UK based artisans making the most fabulous goods for people across the UK.

If you’d like find out some great benefits of buying handmade products, then check out this link for further information.

3. Small Businesses Online Provide Community 
If you buy from a small online business, you’ve made a friend for life. Small business owners are hugely active on social media and are always ready to develop relationships. They love supporting their customers with sharing, liking and commenting on customer content.

Buying from people helps build online communities.

4. Shopping with Small Businesses Creates Jobs
It may be surprising to discover that the UK private business sector is made up of largely of non-employing businesses and small employers. Small and medium-sized businesses account for 99.9% of the business population in the UK (5.9 million businesses).

This means that shopping small has a huge impact on supporting real people on the ground.

5. It Feels Great to Shop Small
There’s no better feeling when you buy from a small independent shop. The knowledge that you have contributed directly to that person’s business is a great feeling. People buy from people and this will always leave the buyer and seller with a great feeling.

I hope you enjoyed this post on the best reasons to shop online with small businesses. If you have a small business yourself, you love to shop small or you just like to help, feel free to share this post on your favourite social media channel.

About the Author
Amy Crossland is the founder of Aubrey Bay Candles UK who create handmade
soy candles
for those that love beautiful fragrances and homes. She is a passionate supporter of small business.

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