Ten Signs You Were Born to Be a Blogger

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Have you ever wondered if you're cut out to be a blogger? 

Blogging certainly isn't for everyone, but there are easy ways to know if it's for you. Once you've been blogging for a few months, you'll start to see signs that let you know you're on the right path and you'll know deep down that it's something you want to keep doing for a long time.

Here are 10 ways to know if starting a blog is the right decision for you. If you can relate to most of these, you were born to be a blogger.

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Ten Signs You Were Born to Blog

1. Writing is your passion

To be a blogger you kind of have to enjoy writing. There's more to blogging than just typing up posts, but that's a massive part of it. 

If you've kept a diary since you were a child, pestered your friends and family to read your short stories or dreamed about publishing your own book one day because you love writing so much, blogging could definitely be for you.

2. You love reading other blogs 

Are you the type of person who enjoys reading other people's thoughts and opinions? Do you turn to blogs to read reviews of products you're interested in buying, or for help solving a problem or answering a question you may have? Blogs are goldmines for this kind of information.

If you enjoy reading blogs and find them helpful, or you've been inspired by another blogger to start your own website, go ahead and take the leap. You never know who you might help. 

3. You have something to share with the world

Maybe you have an area of interest or expertise, you like helping people, you want to make a difference in the world or you just need a space to share your writing. 

If you have a burning passion inside you that you just need to let out, blogging is definitely right for you.

4. You're self motivated

Bloggers need to be able to motivate themselves to work on their blogs. No one else is going to do the work for you (unless you're blogging as a career and earning good money, then you could hire a virtual assistant and outsource all the tasks you don't enjoy, but most bloggers don't have that luxury).

If you're a self-motivated type of person and can stick with something even when the going gets tough, then you'll do well in the blogging world. 

5. You want to work for yourself/earn money online

There's a lot of potential to earn money with a blog. Some people even make a full-time income from their website and related social media accounts. 

If you've been thinking about ways to make money online or fancy working for yourself, blogging could be the way to go. (Just be warned that it's not necessarily easy, especially with a new blog). Check out this post for ways to make passive income as a blogger

6. You enjoy learning new skills and knowledge

The blogging industry is constantly evolving and it can sometimes be hard to keep up with all the changes and updates. You'll need to be willing to invest in yourself and your blog by taking courses and reading ebooks by more experienced bloggers.

A few courses I recommend are Pinterest with Ell, Mastering Sales with Ell and Turn Your Dreams Into Money. I have personally taken all of them and they've helped me so much. You can also find more useful courses, sites and books on my blogging resources page.

If you love learning, are willing to move with the times and understand the importance of investing in yourself, then you'll make a great blogger.

7. You need a creative outlet 

For a lot of people, blogging isn't about making money. They blog for free, purely because they love creating and need an outlet for their work. 

If you have loads of ideas and need somewhere to share them with the world, a blog could well be the place for you to do this. 

8. You take photos of literally everything

You never know when a certain picture will come in handy for your blog or Instagram, so you take photos of everything from your morning coffee to your outfit for the day to all the places you visit on your travels.

If you have a camera roll full of a hundred photos of the same product from slightly different angles, you'd 100% make a good blogger. 

9. Your blog keeps you up at night

A blogger is always working, even if they're not sitting in front of their laptop. There's always something to think about, whether it's writing the next post, scheduling tweets or where to find the next instagrammable backdrop for photos.

If you lie awake at night full of ideas for your blog and can't sleep until you've written them all down (or even got out of bed to start on them right away), you're definitely cut out for blogging.

10. You love everything about blogging 

Blogging is so much work, you kind of have to love every aspect of it if you want to be successful. From writing and editing posts to learning SEO to creating Pinterest graphics to promoting on social media and emailing your subscribers, there are a lot of things to do when it comes to maintaining and growing a website.

If you'd rather work on your blog than do pretty much anything else, congratulations: you were born to be a blogger.

What made you realise you were born to be a blogger? Let's chat in the comments.

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