Easy Plant Based Meals to Get You Through Veganuary (+ Discount Code!)

I really love meal prep, and I love it even more when it's done for me. 

I believe that the best way to eat well and hit your goals is to have healthy meals prepared in advance, especially if you lead a busy life and don't have time to cook from scratch every night.

The other day I was watching YouTube for dinner inspiration when an advert before a video caught my eye. Usually I click away from ads after the first five seconds but this one piqued my interest and I watched until the end.

It was an ad for a meal subscription service called AllPlants.com, similar to HelloFresh or Green Chef but with a couple of differences. 

Firstly, all their meals are completely plant based, meaning everything on the menu is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Also, every meal is prepared by their in-house chefs in London, meaning you don't actually have to do any cooking beyond heating them up when you're ready to eat.

How it Works

As soon as I'd watched the advert, I headed over to the website to see how they operate.

AllPlants has over 30 meals to choose from. You can pick six meals which will be delivered to your house on your preferred day as often as you like (every one, two, three or four weeks).

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, and you can choose six different meals every time you order, or stick with your favourites.

Once the meals arrive on your chosen day, you can simply put them in your freezer until you need a healthy, plant based dinner. 

Maybe you're planning to take part in Veganuary this year, or maybe you just want some healthy meals at the ready to carry you through the winter. 

For my first order, I chose tofu pad thai, tuscan bean ratatouille, kale and chickpea daal, mushroom filo pie, thai green curry and cheesy broccoli gnocchi. I haven't yet been disappointed by any of the ones I've tried. 

What I Love About AllPlants.com

I really liked the idea of this subscription box so signed up immediately. There were a few factors which swayed my decision, including:

- Everything is plant based

- All meals arrive ready made, giving me less work to do

- They don't use palm oil, GMO or preservatives

- They use sustainable packaging

- Delivery is free

- I can cancel or pause at any time.

Pricing and How to Subscribe

It's so simple to order your own subscription box from AllPlants.

The cost usually works out at £4.99 per portion when you order for two people. However, you can use my referral link to get £20 off your first box. Just click here to redeem!

This post is not sponsored, however if you use my link to get £20 off your first box, I'll also get £20 off my next box. Once you've completed your subscription, you'll get your own referral code to share with your friends so you and they will both receive £20 off your next box. 

I really hope you enjoy using AllPlants to discover some delicious new plant based meals. 

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